Brazil has achieved a new status in the global economy, and the Agribusiness sector has contributed decisively to the country to occupy this position in the economy. The Brazilian companies and entrepreneurs, have been using cutting edge technology and application of good sustainability techniques, have made the country the world's great food provider. The Brazilian Agribusiness trade fairs sector, have greatly contributed to the actors in the production and commercialization could be face to face, expanding horizons and seeking new business opportunities.

The Calendar

The Agribusiness Calendar announces the mainly Fairsand Exhibitions held throughout the country. With editorial approach, it allows the public to search and locate the most interesting exhibitions to participate, either as an exhibitor or as a visitor, allowing them getting to know the market in which it operates bringing them closer to the suppliers, customers and competitors and also learn about the innovations that the market presents.


Focusing on the sector development and permanent actions based on researching data, the Agribusiness Calendar is a tool used to analyze opportunities for suppliers, travel agencies, advertising agencies, insurance companies, transport companies, booth assemblers, among others.


The Agribusiness calendar reaches the professionals who decide the marketing and business plans that use the fair channelsas a way of promotions, sales, launch, product presentations and promotional campaigns.




Associação Brasileira do Agronegócio


Fundação Getúlio Vargas


União Brasileira dos Promotores de Feiras


Getúlio J. M. Lopes

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